VISUAL POINT (also available for panel mounting) is a measurement system that provides 100% quality control on the manufacturing process.
Interfaced to a position transducer and a force transducer, it verifies that the force applied stays within the specific limits in eight predetermined positions.

VISUAL POINT can also be connected to a personal computer via the WINSCOPE® software to display the curves and modify the parameters.

The instrument supplies the power for the press valves, transducers, proximity sensors and warning lights, if any.

Control Functions
grafico-visual-point VISUAL POINT, for the monitoring of the pressing process uses, among others, the following tools:
1 Stop values: to control the return of the press to the TDC
2 Process start control: to verify the presence and correct positioning of the part
3 Process end limits: to control the final values of force and distance
4 Check-points: to verify the whole process curve in real time