Besides producing a range of standard presses, Alfamatic manufactures presses with special features upon customer’s requirements.
It is possible to customize both, the frame of the press and/or the thrust units with special features, and the slaver or piece handling. Our sales and technical dept. are at customer’s disposal for technical advices on the press development.


  1. OP 2M press for pressing,simultaneously, valve seats and guides into head of motorcycle engine.

  2. Two pillars press with double pressing head.

  3. Press OP 13 t to press flexible cables for cars with quality control devices. Resistance check to pullingand stretch. Stamping of fit pieces.

  4. OP 2M press 100 tons special 4 columns.

  5. Double head press, composed by a press OP 13 t fixed and an OP 13 t mobile, for pressing of flexible cables for cars with length from 500 to 2000 mm.
    Simultaneous pressing of cable terminals. Resistance check to pulling and stretch. Check of sliding of the cable in the sheath.