Management and control of production

Managment of the stop
point of the press
It controls the stop and return
point of the press
when a specific force and/or
stroke value is reached.
  Assembly interference

The interference between two
parts to be assembled is
controlled throughout the entire

Geometric control of the part
Geometric errors, if any, are
displayed by non-compliant process curves.
A part correctly positioned
B part incorrectly positioned
C part not inserted in its seat

For large and expensive parts.
The cycle stops whenever the
monitoring curve goes
outside the tolerance band.



Automatic determination of the control parameters
Available with manual or statistical
method, with enveloping
of the minimum and maximum
values and definition of the
average curve.
A average enveloping curve of several
process curves
B control range generated by assigning a
specific tolerance limit to the average curve A

Statistical analysis
The software includes a powerful
functionality for the statistical
analysis of the production
performed (with calculations of
CP/CPK, averages, variances,

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Sequential control
of different
For parts that require several different processes to be performed in sequence: the control instrument (TRO, Press-Right) automatically sets the control parameters for the specific process phase.